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  • Single bulk package of 12 pounds of our Fine crumbs
  • See Retail "Fine" S'crumb'tious Crumbs for product details
  • One 12lbs package will cost $19.95 to ship anywhere with a US address
  • For larger bulk qtys please contact us via "our contact" us page

Fine S'crumb'tious CRUMBS - Plain (12 lbs)

  • Fine grind bread crumbs… real bread crumbs!  Our S’crumb’tious CRUMBS are real bread crumbs that originated from a 100+yr old French bread recipe that evolved over a number of years into its current form. No gluten, No casein, No eggs, No salt!  Made from a foundation of organic rice flour with just enough natural sugar to kick-start the yeast. 

Save on Shipping!

1 bag costs $7.90 to ship.

2 to 6 bags costs $14.35 to ship

7-12 bags costs only $19.95 to ship!

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