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S'crumb'tious Coating

- Basic Preparation -



Tray#1:   Flour Mix - Fill a tray with ½ GF Potato or Corn flour and ½ Potato or Corn starch.  A Flour mix layer helps create a barrier between the crumb coating and the food. The flour and starch mix also improves the adherence of crumbs to food.  Flour mix can be seasoned with salt, pepper, herbs, and spices, or left unseasoned.

Tray#2:   The Wash - Fill a tray with eggs+water, or Almond Milk, as the wash to dip food in.  Can use several well-beaten eggs by themselves, or an egg wash: a mixture of eggs and milk, eggs and cream, or eggs and water.  Use about one tablespoon of liquid per egg.  As long as the mixture contains eggs and is mixed well, any of these combinations will work.  Almond milk seems to work best if eggs or cows milk not desired.

Tray#3:   Bread crumbs - Fill a tray or bowl large enough to accommodate the food item with desired S’crumb’tious CRUMBS®.  An inch deep to start is best.


Cooking oil:   For best results we suggest using a high grade canola oil and setting temperature between 325-350F.


Coating Food Steps:


Step#1:   Dredge the damp food item in the flour mix - Pat food dry with paper towels and dredge in flour mix, shaking off excess.

Step#2:   Dredge flour mix coated food in the wash – For best results ensure that you are coating the entire surface area of the food item. Drain excess. If making delicate food items like onion rings or avocado slices it is recommended that you now go back and dredge in flour mix again and repeat Step#2.

Step#3:   Coat the food with crumbs -  Gently press the larger flat surface areas of food item into the crumbs.  Shaking off the excess and repeat until all surfaces of food item are completely/evenly coated.  


Step#4:   Chill it - Cook it - If preparation allows, it’s ideal to place the freshly breaded food in the fridge for an hour+ before cooking.  If preparation does not allow, simply proceed to cook breaded food in fryer, pan, or oven. 

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